Villages General Liability

General Liability Insurance covers losses from bodily injury and property damage. The Villages Insurance Program also provides broader coverage than many of its competitors by adding protection for Abuse and Molestation Allegations. In addition, every Village Policy includes Philadelphia's General Liability Deluxe Endorsement.

The combination of General Liability + Professional Liability is a vital combination of liability coverage needed to protect your Village.

Below is a list of some of the additional coverage and benefits provided by the Deluxe Endorsement under the General Liability Coverage:

Limited Rental Lease Agreement Contractual Liability $50,000 limit
Damage to Property You Own, Rent, or Occupy $30,000 limit
Damage to Premises Rented to You $1,000,000
HIPAA Clarification
Medical Payments $20,000
Medical Payments – Extended Reporting Period 3 years
Employee Indemnification Defense Coverage   $25,000
Key and Lock Replacement – Janitorial Services Client Coverage $10,000 limit
Additional Insured – Newly Acquired Time PeriodAmended
Additional Insured – Medical Directors and AdministratorsIncluded
Additional Insured – Managers and Supervisors (with Fellow Employee Coverage) -Included
Additional Insured – Broadened Named Insured   Included
Additional Insured – Funding SourceIncluded
Additional Insured – Home Care Providers   Included
Additional Insured – Managers, Landlords, or Lessors of PremisesIncluded
Additional Insured – Lessor of Leased Equipment   Included
Additional Insured – Grantor of PermitsIncluded
Additional Insured – VendorIncluded
Additional Insured – FranchisorIncluded
Additional Insured – When Required by ContractIncluded
Additional Insured – Owners, Lessees, or ContractorsIncluded
Additional Insured – State or Political SubdivisionsIncluded
Unintentional Failure to Disclose HazardsIncluded
Bodily Injury – includes Mental AnguishIncluded
Personal and Advertising Injury – includes Abuse of Process, Discrimination - Included


The above descriptions of coverage are intended to be an overview only.  They are not binding. Only the actual insurance policies when issued will determine what coverages are provided and excluded by the insurance carriers.