Animal Rescues & Shelters

We know how hard it is to raise funds and keep your non-profit going.

We are here to help you. Insurance Management Corporation (IMC) has been providing win-win solutions for clients and non-profits since 1999.

Pets Are Part of the Family!

Your Animal Rescue/Shelter works hard every day of the year to find good homes for your animals.The individuals/families who Adopt/Foster animals, volunteer and/or financially support your rescue, are caring, compassionate people. is here to assist and reward both your rescue and the individuals/families who adopt, foster, donate, volunteer and/or support your mission.

When your rescue/shelter networks with IMC by implementing a Pet Insurance Program through our agency, your volunteers, employees and families who adopt pets through you benefit and you will benefit your organization.

Our Advantage

Choice of Coverage Options
From accidents and illnesses to hereditary and congenital, pet parents can select the coverage that’s right for them and their pets.

Up to 90% Flexible Co-Pay and Deductible
Pet parents can select the percentage of usual and customary covered charges they’d like to get back and lower their premium by choosing a higher annual deductible.

Trusted Pet Protection at an affordable Price
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is designed to fit any budget with accident coverage starting at less than $1 a day*

From One of the Oldest and Largest Pet Insurance Providers in the US.

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • No administrative hassles
  • No fees or costs for your Rescue/Shelter
  • No minimum participation requirements
  • Your rescue receives ongoing support

Pet Insurance helps ensure that the pets adopted from rescues, shelters and humane societies can get the best possible veterinary care, for the rest of their lives.

There is no cost for you to implement our Pet Insurance Program as a benefit for your non-profit.

The Benefits:

Animal Rescues and Shelters
  1. There is no cost to your organization
  2. IMC will donate a percentage of its proceeds from the program to your rescue/shelter  

In Addition:

We work with animal rescues and other non-profits to provide them with Risk Management & Insurance Consulting for their organization.

We can help you obtain General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Directors and Officers Insurance specifically designed for non-profit rescues and shelters. There are no breed exclusions.

When you implement the Pet Insurance Program with IMC, you will also receive one free copy of the book Non-Profit Guidance for the Non-Profit Board Member written by Joe Medrano, ARM and Don Tenconi, Esq.

The book is a valuable training tool for current and future board members of your organization. It outlines expectations and legal obligations of board members and will guide you through the maze of compliance, insurance, legal, volunteer, training and fundraising issues of forming and running a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit.

For More Information Contact:
Joe Medrano, ARM
Director of Marketing & Consulting
P: 925.673.2210


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