Our CompManager™ program is a proprietary program developed to help companies reduce their overall workers compensation costs.   We work with companies and their insurance agents to put together policies and procedures that help reduce companies from being over charged by the workers compensation system.  Below is a diagram of some of the areas where overcharges occur:

IMC CompManager Diagram

Workers Compensation Experience Modification Reduction
Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies reduce their workers' compensation experience modification rates.  Over 50% of experience modifications are incorrect due to errors.  With so many hands tinkering with your Workers Compensation Insurance it is easy for an error to be caused by something as simple as a data entry input error.

WC Potential Mistake Diagram

Insurance Company Underwriters 
Automation Input Clerk
Underwriting Assistant
Insurance Company Nurse  
Claims Adjuster
Claims Assistant
Insurance Company Rater
Current Agent
State Personnel
Agency Staff
Clinic Doctor
Specialist Doctor
Clinic Staff

Your safety record directly impacts your experience modification.  We can assist you with reducing your modification and improving your safety record, resulting in increased profitability.

Audit Preparation

Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance Audits also tend to have a high percentage of errors.  These errors could cost you more than any IRS audit since a wrong workers compensation audit could go on year after year.  We'll help make sure your audit is 100% accurate. 

  • Know All Payroll Exclusions Prior to the Auditors Arrival.

  • Be Prepared for the Premium Audit in the Same Way Your CPA Prepares You for an IRS Audit.

  • Build an Overcharge-Proof Audit Package Before the Auditor Arrives by Eliminating the Audit Trails.

  • Review the Most Current List of "Excluded Remuneration." 

  • Identify Job Duty or Physical Changes to Qualify an Employee for a Lower Cost Classification.

  • Keep Accurate Payroll Records to Allocate Payroll to the Proper Classifications.

  • Train One Person That Knows the Rules; Remember an Auditor is Not There to Teach Them the Rules.

  • Schedule a Convenient Time for You Not Auditor.

  • After the Audit, Complete a Premium Audit Checklist to Confirm You're Not Overpaying.

  • Obtain Copies of the Auditor's Worksheets.

  • If You Change Your Operations, Let Us Know. You May Be Eligible for a New Classification and Lower Costs.

Claims Assistance

We can assist  you with workers' compensation claims.  Communication is key when a claim occurs.  95% of people are honest hard working the other 5% are the ones you need to protect yourself from.  When a claim occurs you need to communicate and let your employees know they are important.  Show workers you care. Help them get back to work as soon as possible and communicate with them while they're recuperating. The length of time your injured worker is off work leads to either higher or lower Workers' Compensation costs.