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Our Goal

Villages Insurance Maze

One of the most difficult and costly aspects of developing and maintaining a village is researching and securing the proper insurance to protect your village, finding the right risk management tools to reduce the chance of loss, and having access to the proper legal assistance to guide your village through the maze of compliance issues a non-profit must follow on an ongoing basis.

Our goal was to create a simple comprehensive solution to provide the tools and resources you need to protect your village. The program includes risk management tools, insurance and legal resources.

The risk management & insurance program we have created accomplishes that goal. In addition, the villages have a choice of how they access the program. You can either use your own local insurance broker that you have a relationship with or you can utilize O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers, the Insurance Program Administrator for the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program. Either way, you get access to all of the risk management tools, benefits, and legal resources included with the program.

“I believe the village movement will continue to grow and have a significant impact on our society. We want to help by making it easier for villages to open. This program makes it easier, more cost effective, and protects the villages so they can deliver the services needed to allow people to stay in their home longer.

— Joe Medrano, ARM, CCBDC | CEO - Insurance Management Corporation

In 2012, The American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging put out a report titled:

The Aging-in-Place Village Concept: Addressing Liability Concerns


To Download Click Here

Non-Profit Guidance

To Order Click Here

Below is a list of resources available in the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program to address concerns in the report and some areas that are not covered by the report.



  • General Liability Insurance

  • Business Personal Property Insurance

  • Auto Liability Insurance

  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

  • Employment / Volunteer Practices Liability

  • Employee / Volunteer Dishonesty

  • Volunteer Accident Insurance

  • Liability Protection for Volunteers

  • Volunteer Auto Liability Protection

  • Abuse and Molestation Protection

  • Professional Liability


  • A Free Legal Hotline to Ask Questions

  • Contract Reviews - $250

  • 501(c)3 Assistance for a Low Flat Rate

  • Assistance with By Laws

  • Assistance with Compliance

  • Assistance with Board Minutes

  • Reduced Rates on Legal Services Not Covered by Insurance


Savings on Background Checks and other services for your village and its members. 



  • Background Checks

  • Free Volunteer Training

  • Free Risk Management Tools

  • Free Customizable Policies:
       Volunteer Position Descriptions
       Volunteer Applications
       Volunteer Disclaimer language
       Volunteer Interview Questions
       Volunteer Screening Checklist
       Volunteer Orientation Agenda
       Volunteer Handbook Outline
       Volunteer Supervision Checklist
       and more ...



“They Made It Easy For Me”

The Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program team responded quickly to every email. They set up and participated in several conference calls with our board answering questions and providing information for our Village in development.

I look forward to their continuing help in the future. 

Nancy Healey,
Conejo Valley Village

“They Helped Us Open Our Village Quicker”

The Villages Risk Management & Insurance Team helped us navigate the complexities of risk management and policy applications so we could get the right coverage at the right time.

Gary Hammond
Senior Village at SaddleBrooke, Inc.



Below is an outline of coverage and benefits provided to villages when they place their insurance with the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program.  Remember, you can access the program through your current insurance broker or access the program directly through O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers, the Insurance Program Administrator. 

If you would like to access the program through your current insurance broker, have them visit this site and contact us.

If you would like to access the program directly through O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers the Insurance Program Administrator, please call 800-965-2955.


We have partnered with Philadelphia Insurance Companies to provide you with a comprehensive package of insurance options and coverages to protect your village, your volunteers and your members. We utilize CIMA Volunteer Insurance Solutions to place the volunteer accident, liability and excess auto coverages for your volunteers. 


The Philadelphia Insurance Companies and the Non-Profit Risk Management Center are working with us to provide you with valuable resources needed to put policies and procedures in place to protect your village, volunteers, employees and its members. These additional resources are included at no cost to your village. You can obtain additional comprehensive resources at a reduced rate.


Volunteers are a necessary part of your Village's operational mission. 

In the past, many organizations would allow most volunteers to participate in the organization. Given the current legal ramifications, a poorly screened and implemented volunteer can present a huge liability to your Village. This liability can drain your resources and also reflect negatively on the Village's good name.

For a guide to help you manage your volunteers Click Here

For a sample Volunteer Agreement and Release from Liability Form Click Here


Below are some training videos and recommendations to help protect your Village, your members, and volunteers.

Defensive Driving Video

Distracted Driving Video

Driver Selection:  Review motor vehicle department records prior to hiring and at least annually thereafter.  Some states have an automated system where employers can provide driver names and the DMV automatically mails the motor vehicle record if there is any activity.   A valid driver‘s license should be required and verified annually.

Vehicle Inspections:  A daily, written pre-operational inspection of the vehicle should be conducted.  Any items impacting the safe operation of the vehicle should be
corrected before the vehicle is placed into service. 

Seat Belt Use -  is especially critical.  Research has shown that large numbers of people die in rollover crashes when they area partially or completely thrown from the vehicle.
Preventative Maintenance: Volunteers should make sure their vehicles have periodic preventative maintenance following the manufacturer's suggested servicing intervals. They should maintain a service log of some sort.
Accident Investigation:  Maintain an accident reporting kit in all vehicles.  This kit should include a standard format to obtain necessary information in the event of an
accident and a disposable camera (If the volunteer does not have a cell phone with a camera) for pictures of the accident scene and damage.

Policies & Procedures - should include items such as seat belt use for drivers and passengers, cell phone use, emergency situations and basic defensive driving principals should be provided on a regularly scheduled basis.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The enclosed loss control information is for your consideration in your loss prevention efforts. They are not intended to be complete or definitive in identifying all hazards associated with your business, preventing workplace accidents, or complying with any safety related, or other, laws or regulations. You are encouraged to address the specific hazards of your business and to have your legal counsel review all of your plans and company policies.


In addition to the legal resources provided by Philadelphia Insurance, we have partnered with American Agent & Broker Resources, Corp. (AABR) to provide you access to a network of highly rated law firms and attorneys throughout the country. The provider law firms are providing some legal resources and assistance to the villages at no cost. For those legal services not provided for free or covered by insurance, they are providing additional legal guidance and assistance at reduced rates.     


We have partnered with various companies to provide your village and its members additional savings when you place your insurance through the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program.


We are pleased with the partners who have become involved in the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program. In addition to expertise and competitiveness, we wanted partners who not only understand the villages mission but believe in what the villages are doing and wanting to assist with the movement. 



Philadelphia Insurance Company
Philadelphia Insurance is a leading provider of specialized insurance products. Non-Profits being one of their core niches.  They are rated A++ (Superior) by the A.M Best Company and write over $2 billion dollars in insurance. They are rated A+ by Standard & Poor's and are a member of the Tokio Marine Group, which is one of the 10 largest insurance groups in the world. Philadelphia has offices all over the U.S. and have a 96.3% overall customer service satisfaction rating.

O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers - License#0534872
O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers was founded on the concept of advocating for its clients. They consistently and honestly locate the best carriers for its clients and provide quality, friendly, personal assistance.  Having been around since 1946, they have a long history of providing risk management and insurance for Non-Profits. They are a natural fit to be the Insurance Program Administrator for the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program. They understand the needs and services required by the villages and their members. As a Village to Village Member, you can work with O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers directly or you can choose to work with your local insurance broker to place your insurance through the program. Having this flexibility allows you the piece of mind to know you will be able to keep any existing relationships you may have.

Van De Poel, Levy, Arneal & Serot, LLP
We have developed a network of attorneys across the nation that are ready to assist the villages as needed. Van de Poel, Levy, Arneal & Serot LLP and its local partners are the primary law firms that will be providing the free legal hotline and many of the legal resources that may be needed by the villages. They are located in California, have over 30 attorneys, with two offices in Northern California and one in Southern California. If they are unable to answer a question or you need assistance from a local attorney in your state, VLA&S will connect you with a highly rated law firm in your area that can assist you.

Non-Profit Risk Management Center
The Non-profit Risk Management Center provides a variety of tools and resources at no cost to your village. They offer some additional more in depth risk consulting services for a small fee. They see risk-taking as vital to nonprofit missions, and they are devoted to helping great nonprofits become all they can be. They want to help you develop and improve your capacity to anticipate and manage risk.

Insurance Management Corporation
Insurance Management Corporation (IMC) has been providing Training, Risk Management, Insurance, and Business Management Services since 1999. The management team has over 30 years experience in helping businesses reduce their risk to loss. IMC works with associations, groups, and insurance agents/brokers & their clients to implement broad programs of protection and services. IMC is the Program Consultant overseeing all of the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program Partners. It is IMC's goal to assist the villages with their risk management needs and make sure the program partners are providing quality benefits, services, and exceeding support expectations of the village members.  

Print 2 Mail Partners
Print 2 Mail Partners is a division of Insurance Management Corporation (IMC). They will work with Villages to create affordable direct mail fundraising campaigns utilizing both digital and print materials. Prime Pacific Partners has Certified USPS Mailpiece Design Professionals who will ensure Villages get the most cost-effective Non-Profit Postage Rates for a timely and successful mailing. 

PJ's Roasted Bean Coffee Company
PJ's Roasted Bean has partnered with us to provide fundraising programs through the sale of coffee and will donate proceeds back to the Villages.


Verified Volunteers
Is a leader in providing Background checks for non-profits. Their volunteer background screening platform is tailor made for volunteer managers, non-profits and service organizations helping them avoid onboarding risky individuals.

Verified Volunteers has partnered with us to provide Villages who are insured through our program a 29% discount on their Advanced Criminal Package Search and a 20% discount on their Complete Criminal Package Search.

Founded in 2011, CareLinx is a leading nationwide professional caregiver marketplace, empowering families to easily find, hire, manage and pay caregivers who match their specific needs and budget online.

CareLinx has partnered with us to provide the members of Villages who are insured through our program, 5 free hours of service, in order to allow your members to try their services.

This will enable each village to utilize this as a sales tool for enrolling members in their communities. This is a tremendous benefit for those members that need more services than your village can provide and need the ongoing services of the services provided by CareLinx.

CareLinx will also indemnify your village and provides an additional insured endorsement on their insurance policies to protect your village for any claim that may arise from services provided by your referral of your members to CareLinx.




The process of identification, analysis and either acceptance or mitigation of uncertainty in decision-making.  It can help you understand the risks you face. Risk management is not a crystal ball, however, it does promote greater awareness of circumstances and events that could detract from your mission, and offers you practical tools and strategies.


The mission of your village is too important to ignore the risks you face. No nonprofit organization exists in a risk-free zone. Decisions about risk-taking are made intuitively and thoughtfully every day. Taking time to learn more about the discipline of risk management and exploring how to integrate practical strategies are best bets for protecting your vital mission of the village for the long term.


Is your Village currently in development and not yet insured? We understand there is a lot or work to starting your Village. We also know finances are tight during the start-up phase. That is why we provide Villages in the start of phase with free* risk management consulting and guidance.

* Free risk management consulting is provided by Insurance Management Corporation (IMC). Free services are not unlimited, but you will be advised up front in writing if there will be any charge for any specific services provided. 


We have partnered with Philadelphia Insurance Companies and The Non-Profit Risk Management Center to provide you with access to comprehensive risk management resources. Watch the video below.


The risk management resources described in the video above are included at no additional cost when you place your insurance through the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program.


Background checks are a very important part of the risk management process for the villages non-profits. Especially since many of your volunteers will be going into people's homes. Every volunteer and employee hired by a village should have a background check completed. We understand that some may feel the cost is prohibitive to order background checks on every volunteer or employee. That is why we recommend your village to implement a policy that many non-profits around the country have implemented successfully. We recommend that those who turn in a volunteer application be requested to provide a $20 or $25 donation to cover the cost of the background check and processing time of the village. People understand you are a non-profit and most are more than willing to provide a donation to cover the cost of the background check.

This policy shows the volunteer that you are looking out for the finances of the village, that you are being proactive to protect your members, and that you monitor your volunteers. This helps protect everyone involved.

The below video describes the benefits of using Verified Volunteers for your Background Checks.


RISK Help™ - The Non-Profit Risk Management Center will answer your risk specific questions and offer follow-up steps and strategies suited to your village.

Free Volunteer Training Webinars

Free Risk Management Webinars

Free Customizable Policies & Procedures


Nationwide Background Checks

Workshops & Presentations (Samples of Workshops Below)   

  • Financial Risk Management: Beyond Internal Controls”

  • “Balancing Risk and Rewards in Investments”

  • “Revenue and Risk: Adventures and Dis-Adventures in Raising Funds to Support Your Mission”

  • “Managing Restricted Funds: When the Donor or Dollars Bite Back”

  • “Increasing the Financial Literacy of Your Board: When Board Training Is Not An Option”

  • “Audit Committees: Why Should Your Nonprofit Have One, and What Do They Do, Anyway?”

  • “Government Contracts: Risks When Uncle Sam is Footing the Bill”

  • “Conflicts of Interest: Policies and Practices that Help Boards Recognize and Manage Financial Conflicts”



Other than employees, insurance is going to be one of the biggest expenses for your village. There are many different types of policies, coverages and exposures. We have developed a program that provides protection for many of the exposures most villages have. If you are not sure if the services you are providing will be covered by the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program or you have specific operations you need covered, contact your current agent or O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers, the Insurance Program Administrator.

Below is a list of some of the coverage options available in the program. Click on the coverage to see an overview of the coverage.

General Liability - Including Molestation & Abuse
Professional Liability
Cyber Liability
Auto Liability
Employee/Volunteer Theft / Client Coverage
Directors & Officers Liability
Employment/Volunteer Practices Liability
Volunteer Accident Protection Policy
Additional Liability Protection for Volunteers
Additional Auto Liability Protection for Volunteers

Additional Coverage Available not part of the program:

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program:   800-965-2955



Your board may have a significant amount of talent in operating or creating a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. However, dealing with the complexity of the IRS, state law, and requisite forms, can be a grinding uphill battle.

Whether you are just establishing your 501(c)3 or you already have a nonprofit organization set up, having experts on your side who have years of experience organizing, starting, and guiding 501(c)3 nonprofits to provide you with sound advice, can help ensure that you make the best decisions for your organization’s future.

In addition to the legal resources provided by Philadelphia Insurance, we are providing our ClientAdviser+ program for all our villages who place their insurance with the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program. What this means is that you get access to free legal advice and other legal services from the AV Rated law firm of Van De Poel, Levy, Arneal & Serot LLP as well as other highly rated laws firms throughout the country.   


  • A Free Legal Hotline to Ask Questions

  • Claims Tendering Assistance if You Have a Liability Claim

  • Contract Reviews for Only $250

  • A Free Checklist For Starting a New Non-Profit

  • 501(c)3 Assistance for a Low Flat Fee

  • Assistance with By Laws

  • Assistance with Compliance

  • Assistance With Board Minutes

  • Annual Board Minutes Updated for only $75 a year

  • Annual Support & Compliance Program at a Reduced Rate

  • Reduced Rates on Legal Services Not Covered by Insurance


Member Savings



We are pleased to announce that when you place your insurance through the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program you get additional savings from Verified Volunteers when you order background checks.

Current Pricing for Village Members: 
$17.00 Advanced Criminal Package Search
$35.00 Complete Criminal Package Search

Pricing for Villages insured through the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program:
$12.00 Advanced Criminal Package Search- savings of 29%
$28.00 Complete Criminal Package Search - savings of 20%


A minimum of 25% savings on any legal resources not included in the program or not covered by insurance.


Did you know that Microsoft offers free business class email and other free services to qualified Non-Profits? We did not arrange this benefit with Microsoft, it is just something they do and we wanted you to know. Click Here to visit their site.




CareLinx has partnered with us to provide the members of Villages who are insured through our program, 5 free hours of service, in order to allow your members to try their services. This is a tremendous benefit for your members. In addition, CareLinx will indemnify your village and protects your village as an additional insured to their General Liability Policy.


Get a Free White Paper on Estate Planning Basics

All new clients will receive a free 30 minute consultation.

In addition, Village Risk Management & Insurance Program Members receive a 25% savings on setting up a Will or Trust through our provider law firms.

Estate planning is for everyone.
It is not just for “retired” people. Unfortunately, we can’t successfully predict how long we will live, and illness and accidents happen to people of all ages.

Estate planning is not just for “the wealthy.” 
Although people who have built some wealth do often think more about how to preserve it. Good estate planning often means more to families with modest assets, because they can't afford to lose any amount.

Too many people don’t plan.
Individuals put off estate planning because they think they don’t own enough, they’re not old enough, they’re busy, think they have plenty of time, they’re confused and don’t know who can help them, or they just don’t want to think about it. Then, when something happens to them, their families have to pick up the pieces.

If you don’t have a plan, your state has one for you, but you probably won’t like it.

Van De Poel, Levy, Arneal & Serot LLP. provides the highest quality legal advice regarding the transfer and management of our clients' wealth and administration of a decedent’s estate.

The Estate Planning practice at VLA&S differs from other firms in that the emphasis is on wealth maximization, rather than simply minimizing taxes. 

Their attorneys are well trained in the Estate Planning field and use the most up-to-date techniques to maximize wealth for future generations. 

This includes advising and creating:

  •       Family limited partnerships and LLCs,

  •       Sophisticated life insurance trusts,

  •       Dynasty trusts,

  •       Grantor retained annuity trusts, and

  •       Charitable reminder and lead trusts.

Estate Planning involves advisors from the various disciplines in financial planning. Our attorneys are adept at working with financial planners, accounting professionals and other advisors. In addition to working with our client’s outside professionals, we add the resources of our firm’s other practice areas to provide truly comprehensive Estate Planning. 

Estate and Trust Administration is another aspect of their Estate Planning practice and their attorneys can provide a host of administrative services including:

  •        Post-mortem trust administration

  •        Advising on Federal and California gift
           and estate tax returns

  •        Gift and estate tax audits and related tax litigation

  •         Administration of lifetime trusts and
            entities including family limited partnerships
            and LLCs.

Finally, their Estate Planning practice group has a strong group of litigators well-versed in representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries in trust and probate controversies.


Van De Poel, Levy, Arneal & Serot LLP.

Kelly Kilkenny, Esq.
P: 800.965.2955

A minimum of 25% savings on any estate planning services, including setting up wills and trusts or review and updating of current will or trust.


We offer a group Pet Insurance Program that provides employees, volunteers and members of your village with a discount on Pet Insurance. 

Villages fundraising


Together We Can Make A Difference In Our Communities.

We know how hard it is to raise funds and keep your Village going.

We are here to help you. We have been providing win-win solutions for our clients and non-profits since 1999.


Many seniors have pets and Pet Insurance should be purchased whenever you have a pet.

Having pet(s) insured provide piece of mind. If a pet becomes sick or injured in an accident, you will not have to worry if you can afford to take them to the vet. It will also eliminate having to worry about spending $10,000 or $20,000 in vet bills if a major illness occurs.  

We are here to assist and reward your Village employees, volunteers and members. 

When you implement a Group Pet Insurance Program through IMC, your employees, volunteers and members will benefit by receiving a group discount on the cost of Pet Insurance.

In addition, IMC will donate 30% of the proceeds we receive back to your village.

About the program.

Trusted Pet Protection at an affordable Price
The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Program is designed to fit any budget.

From One of the Oldest and Largest Pet Insurance Providers in the US.

  • Quick and easy implementation

  • No administrative hassles

  • No fees or costs for your Village

  • No minimum participation requirements

  • Your Village receives ongoing support

The Benefits:

There is no cost to your Village

A 10% discount to any employee, volunteer or member who obtains insurance through a customized link dedicated to your Village

IMC will donate 30% of its proceeds from the program to your Village.

Webinars and Trainings



We understand that people have busy schedules. We know it is sometimes difficult to attend live training and webinars at specific times.  That is why we give you the option of attending the webinars & training live, or to watch the webinars and training at a later time when it is convenient for you and your team.

For a list of upcoming webinars and training please click here


If you would like to be added to our email list to be notified when our webinars or training are occurring or to receive other valuable risk management tips, please provide your name and email address below.

Name *



P: 800-965-2955
F: 800-965-2955


Insurance Program Administrator:
O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers
2145 19th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116

Risk Management Program Consultant:
Insurance Management Corporation
6200 Center Street, Suite 210
Clayton, CA 94517

Legal Assistance:
Van De Poel, Levy, Arneal & Serot LLP
1600 South Main Plaza, Suite 325
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

To reach any of the above, please call 800-965-2955.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers

Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program Only

O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers is the Insurance Program Administrator for the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program. The Program is available on a nationwide basis to all licensed retail insurance brokers. You must carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in Errors & Omissions Insurance. There are no minimum premium requirements to get access to the program.


The Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program was created for the benefit of all Villages who are part of the Aging-in-Place movement.  The program combines risk management tools and resources that would cost individual villages thousands of dollars if they were to obtain them on their own. It also includes access to free and reduced fee legal services from highly rated law firms, and a comprehensive insurance program designed specifically for the Villages. 

We understand the importance and desire of some villages to build local relationships with independent agents. That is why we created the program on an open broker basis. However, the carriers involved, want to make sure that brokers submitting business through the program maintain proper licensing and E&O coverage limits.  This information is needed even if you already have an appointment with the carriers involved in the program.


Even if you are already appointed with Philadelphia Insurance or Volunteer Insurance Solutions directly, you still need to register with the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program through O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers.  In order for your client to get access to special program pricing, free risk management resources, free and reduced fee legal resources, savings on background checks through Verified Volunteers, and more. If you place the insurance direct through Philadelphia or Volunteer Insurance Solutions, your client will not get access to the other benefits and discounts provided through the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program.


It’s a simple process. All you need to do is complete the online registration form and submit the required documents.

Once you’re registered, you can begin sending your Village submissions to O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers.


Once you are registered, please send submissions to:


If you have questions about registering with the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program, please email us at or call 800-965-2955.

If you have questions and would like to speak with someone before you register with O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers, please call 800-965-2955 or send an email to with your contact information and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


Register Today

Registration Requirements:

Before starting the registration process, please verify that you have the following handy:

• Legal name, physical address, and valid phone and fax numbers for your company.

• Your company’s Tax ID#.

• Your brokerage's insurance license information, as well as a scanned copy of the license to email.

• Your E&O policy information, as well as a scanned copy of the document to email.

• A valid email address for at least one user in your brokerage.

• Please complete and sign a W9

Once you have the information above handy, please click on the let's get started button below

If you have questions and would like to speak with someone before you register with O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers, please send an email to with your contact information and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


Insurance Program Administrator:
O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers
License# 0534872