Risk Management Services:

Review & Analysis

We offer a variety of risk management services, but one of the first steps is to meet with you to review and analyze your current procedures and processes to determine what if any additional procedures or policies you may need to put in place or need assistance with in updating.  Many small businesses have manuals created and then put it on a shelf only to be pulled down when their insurance carrier asks if they have one.  Your manuals need to be revised and updated periodically.

We work with companies to create and/or update manuals and programs that need to have in place. Below are a few areas we frequently assist many companies. 

  • Creating and/or updating your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

  • Create and review safety manuals

  • Create and implement customized online training courses for your employees

  • Create and provide safety meeting topics

  • Create polls and surveys for your customers to assist you with customer satisfaction

Insurance Management Services:

Insurance Review & Analysis

We work with companies to review and analyze their current insurance program.  We then provide them with recommendations on how they can improve their current coverage and/or obtain additional premium reductions from their current carriers. 

We also assist companies with preparing a formal comprehensive and professional insurance submission for their agent or broker to use when they market their account to various carriers at renewal.  This will assist you in obtaining better rates and terms & conditions on your insurance renewal.  Call us to find out how.

We also work with companies on a contract basis to assist with and manage their risk management, insurance, loss prevention, and training needs.

We believe the relationship between you and your insurance broker is very important.  Many companies have long time relationships with their agents and we encourage you to maintain that relationship if it is a good one.   However, if you are unhappy with your current insurance agent or feel that you are not getting the service you need, and no longer want to do business with them, we will work with you in finding another agent.

We will assist you and your current agent/broker anyway we can.  This is part of our win-win philosophy. 

Insurance Savings

Insurance companies provide premium discounts on general liability and workers compensation premiums for companies who implement advanced risk management and loss control prevention measures that are provided with Training Programs. 

Business Management Services:

We work with companies to develop customized online training programs that include testing and detailed reporting and tracking by employee.  Our online exams provide individual logins for each employee and the exam created is distributed to each employee with both questions and answers in a random order to protect the integrity of the training programs.  Some training programs when implemented can provide premium discounts on your insurance policies.

We offer clients our years of experience working with multiple companies in a variety of industries to perform a review and analysis of your current business services providers and make recommendations on alternative providers if appropriate and demonstrate how you can improve efficiencies and reduce your overall operating costs.

We also provide companies access to reduce legal rates from a network of AV Rated Law firms through our ClientAdviser+ Program.