Our goal is to help you protect your pets and provide information and resources that can benefit you. Not everything has to cost money and you don't always have to buy something in order to get something for "Free".

We are happy to provide these free downloads and hope they help you.

Are you looking to bring a new dog or cat home? Before you do, we suggest you write down a list of what you are looking for in a cat or dog.  We also hope you will consider rescuing an animal before purchasing one from a breeder, but we know that is not always the best solution for families. The lists below are general qualities you should consider in the cat or dog you look to bring home.

Checklist for My Ideal Dog

Checklist for My Ideal Cat

Do you travel or work a lot of hours that you utilize house sitters? Below is a checklist you can modify and print out with your information and then put it on the refrigerator for easy access for your house sitter.

House Sitting Instructions

Have you ever lost a pet? It can be a very stressful time and the last thing you want to do is have to think about what should go on the lost pet flyer. Below is a sample lost per flyer you can modify with a picture and information on your pet. The document is a Microsoft Word document and you will need to save to your computer before opening and editing.

Lost Pet Flyer

There are lots of things around your house that are dangerous to your pets. Here is a list of 101 household pet dangers, fruits and veggies that are safe for pets and a few tips on how to pet proof your home.

101 Household Pet Dangers

Pet Safe Fruits & Veggies

Tips on Pet-Proofing Your Home

Chocolate is dangerous but how much is to much before you need to worry?

How Much Chocolate is Too Much?

Being a pet parent can be costly. Here is guide of estimated costs for being a dog or cat parent and a guide showing the power of preventative care for your pets.

Cost of Pet Parenting

Power of Preventative Care

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