Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation coverage is required when you have employees on payroll. Volunteers are typically not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.  You can protect your volunteers with the VIS Accident Protection Policy.

Most Villages may have only one or two employees. This results in a lower premium than most carriers would like on an individual policy basis. This also results in policies being issued with a minimum premium that may be in excess of your actual risk. The majority of Villages will find it less expensive to place the coverage with the state fund located in their state. State Funds typically have a lower minimum premium requirement than the standard market.

We currently do not have a program in place for workers compensation insurance. However, we may be able to place your coverage on an individual basis. As we build out the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program for your other coverages we are wanting to gather information on where you currently have your workers compensation coverage placed.

We are happy to help you or guide you where to secure coverage, just contact us at 800-965-2955.

Some time over the next 12 to 24 months we will be trying to secure a program for your workers compensation needs.