Villages Volunteer Accident Insurance


Volunteers Insurance Service Association (VIS) program offers Excess Medical Coverage. Your General Liability Insurance with Philadelphia Insurance will provide up to $20,000 in Medical payments. However you are better off having that be excess of this coverage. Having the claim filed under the VIS policy provides additional protection for your Village.

Protecting the nonprofit’s volunteers through VIS, you preserve the full limits of the nonprofit’s insurance to defend it, while providing additional insurance specifically intended to separately protect the volunteers

Excess Accident Medical Coverage
This coverage is in excess of any other health insurance that you have in place.  The excess accident medical coverage will pay up to $50,000 for medical treatment, hospitalization and licensed nursing care required as the result of a covered accident.  The insurance applies while you are traveling directly to and from, and while you are participating in, volunteer‐related activities.  Initial medical expenses must be incurred within 60 days of the accident.  Expenses are then covered for a one‐year period following the accident. 
Dental care is covered up to $500 per tooth for accidental injury to teeth and repair of dentures.  Maximum benefit for dental care is $900 per accident. 
This coverage also provides up to $50 for repair or replacement of eyeglass frames and up to $50 for repair or replacement of eyeglass prescription lenses damaged as a result of a covered accident. 
The maximum benefit under the Excess Accident Medical coverage, including dental and eyeglass expenses, is $50,000.   
This insurance does not duplicate benefits payable under any other valid and collectible insurance coverage. 
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage ‐ In addition to the accident medical coverage, the plan will pay benefits for death or loss of limb or sight, occurring within one year as a result of a covered accident.

Insuring your volunteers separately, through the VIS, preserves your village's favorable loss experience, and in some cases, may preserve its access to broad and affordable insurance.

The above descriptions of coverage are intended to be an overview only.  They are not binding. Only the actual insurance policies when issued will determine what coverages are provided and excluded by the insurance carriers.