Villages Auto Liability

Most Villages do not own automobiles. However, they do have a hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability exposure.

The Hired Auto exposure is most likely very little as well. Hired Auto Liability protects the village in the event a board member or volunteer rents a car while conducting Village business. For example, when a board members attend the national village to village conference and they rent a car, this would protect the Village from liability if there was a covered loss.

The biggest exposure for Villages is the Non-Owned Auto Liability exposure.  This comes when volunteers are driving their own vehicles conducting business on behalf of the village or volunteering by driving Village Members to and from doctors' appointments, the grocery store, or any other errands that a volunteer may drive a member.

While the volunteer will have their own personal insurance, Hired & Non-Owned Auto liability protects the Village if they are named in a lawsuit. The volunteer's personal auto insurance will most likely not protect the Village in the event of a loss.

We have also partnered with Volunteer Insurance Service Association (VIS) to provide additional auto liability protection for the volunteer. Please click here to see the benefits provided by VIS.

We recommend a minimum of $1,000,000 in Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability Protection. Hire limits are available.

Please remember that this is for liability only. To cover damages from claims from third parties. Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage does not provide coverage for physical damage to the rental car rented or loss of use to the rental car and it does not provide coverage for physical damage to the volunteers vehicle.   


The above descriptions of coverage are intended to be an overview only.  They are not binding. Only the actual insurance policies when issued will determine what coverages are provided and excluded by the insurance carriers.