Episode 4 CATS - CATS - CATS - Ear Infections, Hairballs & Siamese

Facts about Siamese Cats

We will be discussing ear infections in cats, symptoms to look for, causes of ear infections, diagnosis, treatments and how to prevent ear infections in your kitties.

Then we will discuss hairballs. Signs, Blockages and how you can reduce or prevent hairballs.

To finish off the show we talk about Siamese cats. A little history about them, their attributes, personality, basic care and their health.


Joe Medrano, ARM

Joe has over 30-years of experience in providing risk management & insurance consulting for businesses. He obtained his Associate in Risk Management (ARM) in 1993. He is an entrepreneur who has formed two successful for profit companies, one 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, developed the Non-Profit Guidance Center, an online resource center for non-profits at www.nonprofitguidance.com and put together the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program, a proprietary risk management & insurance program for non-profits that assist seniors with aging in place.