Beware of Hot Paws

Prevent Burnt Paw Pads

Your dog's paws endure a lot of daily wear and tear. Asphalt, metal, concrete and rocky surfaces can get very hot during summer months—hotter than the ambient temperature itself.

Rule of thumb:

If the ground, or surface on which you're walking, is hot to the touch of your palm then it's too hot for your dog's paws. 

A sign your dog is suffering: repeated lifting of one or more paws or agitated pacing.  

You can take precautions: walk in the grass, take walks during cooler mornings or evenings, or buy protective dog booties for your dog's paws.

Joe Medrano, ARM

Joe has over 30-years of experience in providing risk management & insurance consulting for businesses. He obtained his Associate in Risk Management (ARM) in 1993. He is an entrepreneur who has formed two successful for profit companies, one 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, developed the Non-Profit Guidance Center, an online resource center for non-profits at and put together the Villages Risk Management & Insurance Program, a proprietary risk management & insurance program for non-profits that assist seniors with aging in place.